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SaaS system for Job search built using EPiServer

It is an EPiServer-based portal for the job search / vacancies in the Healthcare industry implemented as SaaS platform.

Each organization can be registered in the system and have its own backend to manage vacancies.
System have two types of vacancies: commercial and volunteer.

Implemented smart search for the vacancies using 6 different types of criteria including radius search with distance.
Implemented personal profiles with the ability to save favorite vacancies, favorite searches. Ability to set filter in own profile for the interesting vacancies and got e-mail notifications about each new matched vacancies controlled by own schedule.

To be easy used by other 3rd parties, own web-api was developed to post/manage vacancies in the system. Created custom dashboard for the content editors.

For implementation was used EpiServer CMS with ASP.NET WebForms.
For the fast search/processing of vacancies custom caching sub-system was done.
WebAPI for integration was implemented using WCF services.

Radius search with distance
Favorite vacancies
Custom caching sub-system
3rd party integration with WCF services
Standard User Management
SEO friendly URLs
Custom Tables
Epi Pages Development
Epi Blocks Development
Custom Background Jobs
API programming
User profiles
Companies: 120
Custom page types: 30
Episerver version: 6
Number of users: 28.5K
Number of vacancies on the site: 1K

2000 man-hours

Team size



Advanced Search Advanced Search
ASP.NET Web Forms development ASP.NET Web Forms development
Custom Pages Custom Pages
Responsive Web Design Responsive Web Design
Multi-site Management Multi-site Management
Online Forms Online Forms
Versioning and Archiving Versioning and Archiving
CMS out-of-the-box Functionality Consultancy CMS out-of-the-box Functionality Consultancy
CMS Best Practices Consultancy CMS Best Practices Consultancy
Tools and Technologies
.net web forms
Sql server
Visual Studio
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