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Documents conversion web-service

We have created a RESTful web-service to convert MS Word and MS PowerPoint documents to the PDF format.
Implementation is done using ASP.NET WebApi2 technology.
To make conversion Sharepoint Word Automation Services and PowerPoint Automation Services were used.

System supports work in two modes: immediate conversion and task-based (deferred).
In the second case documents for conversion and their meta-data are stored inside Sharepoint document library and Sharepoint list.
Large variety of the conversion options are supported based on the settings available in the Office Automation Services libraries.
For testing purposes we created a console client using C#.
Solution could be used on Sharepoint 2016 on premise version.

Word Automation Services
Power Point Automation Services
Immediate/scheduled conversion
Console test client
API programming
Custom lists
Document library
Sharepoint version: 2016
Conversion settings: 15
Conversion: DOCX to PDF
Conversion: PPTX to PDF
Modes: 2

330 man-hours


SharePoint 3rd-party connectors SharePoint 3rd-party connectors
Tools and Technologies
Sql server
Visual Studio
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